Winterize Your Hair: Easy Tips for Happy Locks in Cold Weather

Winterize Your Hair: Easy Tips for Happy Locks in Cold Weather

Keep that hair happy and healthy all winter long!



1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Just like you reach for that extra cup of cocoa to stay warm, your hair needs extra hydration in the winter. Swap out your regular shampoo and conditioner for moisture-rich ones. Look for products with ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, or glycerin to give your hair the drink it craves.


2. Trim Away the Winter Blues

Before you cozy up, schedule a visit to your hairdresser. A quick trim can do wonders for getting rid of those dry and split ends. Plus, it's a nice excuse to pamper yourself and emerge with a fresh new look!


3. Hat Hair, Don't Care

Hats are your BFFs in winter—they’ll keep you warm and stylish. Yet, they can also flatten your hair and create static. Combat hat hair by opting for silk or satin-lined hats. Give your locks a quick tousle with your fingers to restore volume and bounce before making your grand entrance indoors.


4. Lukewarm Love in the Shower

While hot showers may feel heavenly in the winter, they can be harsh on hair and strip it of essential oils, leaving it dry and brittle. Choose the warmth of lukewarm water for your hair wash sessions. Cap it off with a cool rinse to seal the cuticles and add extra shine!


5. Oil Up for Extra Protection

Treat your hair to a weekly oil massage – coconut, argan, or olive oil are fantastic choices! Apply a small amount, let it soak in for a bit, and then wash it out. Consider it your DIY spa treatment designed to tackle winter dryness, leaving your tresses feeling irresistibly soft and luscious. 


6. Say 'No' to Heat Overload

Use heated tools like flat irons and curling wands less often. Let your natural hair texture shine, and try styles without heat. When you do need help, go for a sleek 2-in-1 brush with heat-shield technology. Your hair will love the break, and you'll have that easy-breezy winter look!

Brush and straighten at the same time


Treat your locks with kindness, and they'll be shining all season long!

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